Four Wheel Drives

Four Wheel Drive Leaf Springs

Not everyone fully utilizes their four-wheel drive vehicles but if you have a taste for off-roading or often drive through rough terrain, your stock springs may not last as long as you’d like. Whether it’s from increased driving or driving on rough roads, if your four wheel drive vehicle’s suspension has started to go out, you may need to replace or upgrade your leaf springs.

Rough terrain or off-road driving can wear out your springs much quicker than usual, especially if you are using stock springs. At Atlas Spring & Axle we can custom make any leaf spring for your four wheel drive vehicle. Whether you need improved stability and handling, increased durability, or simply want to replace your existing springs, then we can help.

We custom manufacture all of our leaf springs in-house so you never have to wonder whether the quality will be dependable. We are a 4th generation spring manufacturing shop with the expertise to provide superior craftsmanship and materials. We can also custom make any spring to fit your unique needs or specifications.

Increase Stability & Handling with Improved Springs

At Atlas Spring & Axle we also have a full service repair shop for springs and other suspension components. If your springs have begun to wear out or you’ve noticed breakage in a leaf, in many cases we can simply repair the damage spring without having to replace it.

If your leaf spring is worn out, it may just need to be re-arched. This will help increase your vehicles handling, stability, and give you a smoother ride while driving. For broken leaves, we can simply replace the broken leaf without having to replace the entire leaf spring.

If you have questions about your vehicles springs or need repairs, give us a call today! (316) 943-2386