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Leaf Spring Repair

In many cases when your leaf springs have been worn down, losing their arch, they can be easily fixed by re-arching the springs. In other cases, an additional leaf may need to be added to increase support and strength. Repairing the leaf spring can bring it back to its original arch and load capacity or even increase it.

Can leaf springs be repaired?

If your leaf springs aren’t too badly damaged or broken the may be able to be repaired. This depends on the condition of the spring pack. If your springs aren’t supporting your vehicle correctly or you’ve noticed sagging and poor suspension, we recommend that you have your springs inspected by an experienced mechanic. 

Is it dangerous to drive with a broken leaf spring?

It can be dangerous to drive with a broken leaf spring but if you’re driving a short distance – such as bringing your vehicle in for repairs – it shouldn’t be too dangerous. A broken leaf can cause your vehicle to be unstable and you should limit driving and have the spring repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

How can you tell if your leaf springs are bad?

Have you noticed your vehicle bouncing a lot when you drive on a bumpy road? This could mean your leaf springs are bad. Another way to tell is by parking your vehicle on level ground and checking to see if the front and back of the vehicle appear to be level. If the vehicle appears to be leaning to the front or back, or to one side, it could indicate damaged springs. If you’re unsure whether your springs are damaged you should have an experienced mechanic take a look. 


Repairing Broken Leaf Springs

Multi-leaf springs contain several layers of steel leaves. In some cases, one or more of the leaves may become cracked or broken. In these instances, the leaf spring may be able to be repaired by replacing the broken leaf. Once the broken leaf has been replaced we simply re-arch the leaf spring to bring it back to its original arch and strength.

How To Identify Your OEM Leaf Spring

At Atlas Spring & Axle, we can often repair old leaf springs back to their original arch and load capacity. If the spring cannot be repaired, we can also replace any size or type of spring. If you are trying to increase your load capacity it is usually best to replace the leaf spring with a stronger leaf.

leaf spring diagram 1

Atlas Spring & Axle has decades of experience repairing and manufacturing leaf springs. We can offer superior craftsmanship and competitive pricing on all materials and services.

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