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Multi-Leaf SpringMulti-leaf springs are used for the suspension of vehicles. They are very common in cars, trucks, and trailers. Multi-leaf springs consist of several layers of flat plates, usually in a semi-elliptical shape. Each flat plate is called a leaf, hence the name “multi-leaf spring”. The master leaf is the first plate at the top which is the longest leaf. The length of each leaf below the master leaf gradually decreases. Each leaf is engineered to support, stability, and safety to the vehicle while supporting the leaf above and below it. The leaves are held together by two u-bolts and a center clip. If your leaf spring is damaged, worn out, or broken, your vehicle’s suspension will be compromised, as well as the safety of your vehicle. At Atlas Spring & Axle, we maintain a large inventory of OEM quality multi-leaf springs for all vehicle types. We also custom make and manufacture leaf springs to fit your needs. If you are in need of a replacement leaf spring then look no further.

What is a multi-leaf spring?

A multi-leaf spring are springs with several layers. They consist of a series of flat plates connected together to provide enhanced support for your vehicle. They are the most commonly used type of leaf spring, used in most vehicles you would see on the road.

Are mono leaf springs dangerous?

Unlike a multi-leaf spring, mono leaf springs consist of a single plate, or leaf. Since mono leaf springs only have one layer, they aren’t as reliable and don’t provide as much support. This can cause them to be very dangerous and aren’t recommended for most situations.

How are leaf springs held together?

A multi-leaf spring consists of several leaves or plates held together at each end by a set of U-bolts and a center clip. At each end the leaf spring is bent to form what’s called the “spring eyes” through which the U-bolt is inserted and used to fix the spring to the body of the vehicle.

What is a main leaf spring?

In a multi-leaf spring, the main leaf is the top, or longest, leaf in the series of leaves that make up the multi-leaf spring. Each additional leaf is slightly shorter and helps supports the leaf above it.

Custom Made & Manufactured In-House

Unlike many other leaf spring providers, at Atlas Spring & Axle we manufacture our leaf springs in-house. We never import our springs from outside the country or other manufacturers like many other shops. This way you can rest assured that the quality and specifications are consistently at the highest quality possible. We are a 4th generation spring manufacturer with decades of experience and a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship. Given how much you rely on your vehicle’s suspension, it’s important to know your leaf springs are made right. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing on all of our products and services. Not sure what type or size of spring you need? Give us a call to order or for information. (316) 943-2386