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Importance Of Aligning Your Tires

When the front tires of an automobile are aligned correctly, they roll without dragging or slipping and require minimal effort in steering. Tires will wear down evenly if they are aligned properly, and less strain is placed on the front suspension. There are five different angles and six measurements involved in aligning tires.

How often should you get an alignment?

It’s usually recommended to have your wheels aligned annually, even if your vehicle seems to drive straight – this would also be a good time to rotate your tires. You should also get an alignment when you get new tires to ensure they wear down evenly. You can also check to see if you need an alignment by inspecting your tires. Check to see if they are wearing evenly and if not, you may need an alignment.

What can cause a car to go out of alignment?

There are a number of things that could cause your wheels to go out of alignment. Sometimes it’s simply due to a wearing down of parts, such as ball joints and A-arm bushings. Hitting a large pothole, running over a curb, or an auto accident can all lead to a misalignment.

How is a wheel alignment done?

A car alignment is the process of aligning a vehicle’s wheels to one another and to the road. It’s actually a pretty complex process that requires specialized machinery that brings the car’s suspension into its proper configuration and adjusts components to be accurately aligned. You should always have an experienced mechanic perform your alignment to ensure it’s done correctly.

Below are the most common types of vehicles that we do alignments for.

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