Axle Repair & Replacement Shop

You have a spring that is broke, a front end that is worn out, or an unfortunate accident has caused major damage to the mainframe of your vehicle. When it comes to repairs, Atlas Spring and Axle should be your first choice. Why? When you’ve been doing this for over 7 decades, you must be doing it right.

That’s why our customers become “long term” customers knowing that our workmanship leads the industry and we are competitively and fairly priced. If it’s a spring…give us a ring at Atlas Spring and Axle.

Spring Repair:

We are Kansas’ only complete spring shop. We can replace individual broken leaves, add extra leaves and re-arch leaf springs. We will level your vehicle not only front to rear, but side to side at the same time when we work on your springs. In addition, if that spring has been used beyond repair, we keep over 350 different part numbers in stock or we can make a new one from scratch. We maintain a large inventory of bushings, spring pins, center bolts and other misc. parts for your springs.

Front Axle Repair:

When you have a steer axle that has not been maintained and the kingpin has egged shaped the hole in the axle causing the new kingpin to be loose. We will bore the kingpin holes on steer axles, machine sleeves to fit, then hone the sleeve to fit the kingpin making it as good as new. All work is done in house in our machine shop.

Rear Axle Housing Repair:

If a bearing goes out or fails and welds itself to the spindle of a rear axle housing or if an axle shaft breaks and splits the end of the spindle, we will make a new spindle and replace the damaged one making the housing as good as new. Again, all work is done in our machine shop.

Front End Repair:

If you are in need of having your Drag link, ball joints, Tie rod ends, bearings or Kingpins replaced, we can fix you up. We re-bush A arms, trac bars, and sway bars. And if your front end parts are in pretty good shape, we can align the front end by adjusting the caster, camber, and toe-in as needed.

Suspension Repair:

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a pickup or a semi with a Hendrickson suspension, we can fix you up. From repairing or replacing camel back Mack springs, re-bushing torque rods and Hendrickson walking beams to fixing that air ride suspension that keeps moving around, we can have you back on the road in no time. And if your truck is dog walking, we can fix that too.

RV Trailer / Utility Trailer Axle Repair:

Often times the axles on the Utility and the RV trailers get forgotten. Performing preventative maintenance like checking the brakes and repacking the bearings with grease can save the headaches of breaking down on the road and the loss of precious time. Did you know that the majority of trailer springs have a plastic or thin wall urethane bushing installed in them. Re-bushing the trailer springs, equalizers and inspecting the shackles or sidebars for wear can extend the life of the suspension and save money in the long run.

Emergency Repairs:

Breaking down on a road trip is no fun and can ruin long made plans. Whether it is replacing a spindle on a RV trailer axle or repairing a broken spring. We will do the best we can do to get you back on the road.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to springs and axles, there’s no better place to bring your car than to us. We provide superior craftsmanship, OEM quality parts, and the experience needed to get the job done right for reliable, long-lasting dependability. Why we are the best:

  • 4th Generation Family Owned
  • Over 70 Years in Business
  • Competitive & Fair Pricing
  • Parts Manufactured In-House

We always use the best materials and our parts are consistently the highest quality. We never outsource our manufacturing so you can rely on consistent quality.

Custom Parts & Service

If you’re looking for a hard to find axle or spring then look no further than Atlas Spring & Axle. We specialize in creating specialty parts for classic cars or older vehicles. If we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we have a full manufacturing facility and expertise needed to create them.

If you have any questions about our axle repair services or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today!  (316) 943-2386