Custom U-Bolts

Custom U-Bolts (Made to order) & U-Bolts

We are a leading custom U-Bolt and U-Bolt supply shop in Wichita, serving Kansas and the surrounding states at the same location for over 40 years.  We manufacture a quality product and our delivery times are some of the fastest in the machine shop industry.

u-bolts torque guide

What do U-bolts do?

The U-bolt’s primary function is to securely fasten leaf springs to the vehicle’s axles. They are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension as they hold everything together, ensuring the integrity of your vehicle’s springs.

Measuring a U-Bolt 

How are U-bolts measured?

U-bolts are measured by Diameter(A) x Distance(B) x Leg Length(C) which you can see in the diameter shown here. While there are three types of U-bolts – Round Bend, Semi-Round Bend, and Square Bend – they are all measured in the same manner.

Need A Custom U-Bolt Made To Order?

We have thousands of U-bolts in stock and can deliver custom U-bolts in record time, please call us at (316) 943-2386.