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Custom Leaf SpringsMany people are unaware of how much they depend on their suspension until they start having problems. You may be surprised how much you depend on your leaf springs while driving. If you’ve noticed that your vehicle rests slightly lower on one side or your suspension bottoms out every time you hit a bump, your leaf springs may be damaged.

If you’ve noticed that your leaf springs aren’t lasting as long as you’d hope for or they don’t seem to be able to sustain the heavy loads you tend to carry then you may need to upgrade your springs. The standard leaf springs on a car or truck are only rated to hold a certain amount of weight.

If you often go over that weight limit then your springs may end up needing to be replaced more often. Rather than replacing your leaf springs more frequently than you’d like, you may be better off with custom springs that can handle more weight.

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What does leaf spring capacity mean?

The leaf spring capacity essentially indicates how much weight the spring can support. For instance, if the spring capacity is 1,700 lbs, the individual spring is able to handle 1,700 lbs. If you combine the capacity of two leaf springs will get you the axle capacity, which, in this example, would equal 3,400 lbs. 

How thick are leaf springs?

Thickness will vary depending on the type of leaf spring that your vehicle uses. You can check the thickness by running a tape measure vertically down the edge of the top spring. It is usually recommended to have several thin leaves rather than fewer thick leaves as the thinner leaves will share support more easily, and evenly, than the thicker leaves. 

How much weight can a leaf spring hold?

To determine the weight that a leaf spring can hold you would simply need to check the leaf spring capacity. The spring capacity indicates the number of pounds that a spring can support. If your suspension hasn’t been able to support your vehicle’s payload capacity, the installation of additional leaves could enable your vehicle to reach its full potential.

Custom Leaf Spring Manufacturer

At Atlas Spring & Axle Co., Inc. we have the facilities necessary to custom manufacture any spring or spring attachment component such as u-bolts. Whether you need to increase your load capacity, need a hard-to-find spring, or are restoring an old classic car and need a custom leaf spring, we’ve got you covered.

We are a 4th generation spring manufacturer that can create any custom leaf spring you need at OEM quality or higher. When you need durable, reliable suspension parts look no further than Atlas Spring & Axle.

Don’t risk damaging the chassis of your vehicle by putting off replacing cracked or worn leaf springs. Avoid costly repairs by replacing your springs today. Not sure what type or size of spring you need for your vehicle?

Give us a call or use our online guide to find the OEM number and measurements of your leaf spring. (316) 943-2386

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